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This site is a demonstration of Software Creations' Self-Administration Web Site (SAW) software.

SAW is a database driven web site template that allows you to manage your site content using an intuitive web-based control panel. Compared to traditional web-site maintenance tools, SAW only requires a web browser and word processing software for page creation. With SAW, you can create, modify, and maintain your web site via a web browser, from any location in the world. In addition, site content is dynamic, and you can update it instantly.  You save thousands of dollars by utilizing a pre-built package rather than paying for expensive web site and database development.

Using SAW will dramatically enhance your ability to maintain your web site. Instead of funneling all site content through a single web master, you can use SAW to give multiple administrators the ability to maintain a site or maintain specific areas on a site. Now, an individual or a group of individuals who are responsible for generating data or site content can actually maintain the site content. No matter how large the organization, web sites can be updated quickly and easily using SAW. No more waiting on a single web master to re-do pages.

This a test Home Page uploaded to demonstrate how you can alter the home page or any content of this site at any time from the web-based Staff Control Panel. 

You can integrate graphics and flash animation...

You can update pages, add/delete/modify site content quickly, easily, and from anywhere in the world.  All this using only a web browser -- no web site development software or Webmaster required.

Custom Look and Feel

Remember that the site layout and colors of each and every SAW implementation are customized to meet your desired look and feel.

Update Content Easily

You can alter and upload site pages at any time, using only a word processor (which can save to HTML format), and your browser.

Using the "Staff Control Panel" and "Document Upload" feature, you can create site hierarchies of information  on-the-fly. For example, from the home page here you can create links to:

Create Your Own Databases of Information

With SAW, you can create database tables on the fly and make them available for query by, or input from, your web site visitors -- all online and via browser. 


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